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Edge by Ascential™ delivers some of the industry’s most accurate and actionable sales-driving data, insights and advisory solutions for global brands and retailers looking to win in today’s ecommerce-driven world. Our solutions enable the world’s top brands and retailers to implement strategies that help maximize revenue growth; optimize product listings; increase sales faster than the category and the competition; and drive margin growth with pricing and promotions. Our weekly, daily and real-time data-driven insights (including online Sales and Share measurement, Digital Shelf performance, Price & Promotions monitoring and Retail Insights intelligence), coupled with a wide range of customized advisory and education services, give our clients a comprehensive and competitive advantage across the entire landscape online and around the globe.

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OneSpace positions your brand front and center on the digital shelf with a suite of tools and on-demand services for centralizing, optimizing and publishing content that wins top position on multiple online retailers.  By combining e-commerce search data and content optimization tools with software for content storage and syndication, OneSpace’s Product Merchandising Platform helps CPG brands increase organic search visibility and conversions across multiple online retailers at scale


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PRS IN VIVO is the World’s Expert in Packaging, Shopper Marketing and New Product Insights. We believe primarily in what people do rather than what they say. Real life purchase decisions are overwhelmingly behavioural rather than rational, and are greatly influenced by context. These core principles are reflected in all of our research methodologies and our entire way of thinking. With 40+ years of experience, we apply Behavioural Economics to FMCG & non-FMCG categories across a mix of different shopping environments, as well as the fast-expanding and exciting worlds of e-commerce and Nudge marketing.

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Data Impact is a global analytics platform for FMCG brands. Our clients make strategic decisions and optimize execution based on our e-store data and AI algorithms.  We collect more than 4+ billion point-of-sale data every day. Our Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies connect this information with your internal data to offer you a true data set and a 360° view of the market. We provide a complete monitoring tool where you can visualize all your analysis in one click.

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E Fundamentals is a British-built, world-leading weapon of choice for

 winning in eCommerce. The analytics platform helps brand owners compete online by tightly monitoring

 their products’ performance against a unique 8 Fundamentals framework

 to drive profitable growth through online retailers. The eCommerce analytics service effectively up skills sales and marketing professionals and has done so for global brands such as Nestle Purina, Jacobs Douwe Egbert, BirdsEye, Edgewell and Pladis.

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Fountain is the leading mid-market and enterprise Hiring Platform for Hourly Workers, a secure solution for applicant screening and workforce retention built for speed and scale, that is backed by over $11M in venture capital.  

Since inception, teams across 50 countries have used Fountain to save millions of work-hours, communicate with more than 4MM+ applicants, and provide 400,000 real people with jobs. The world's most forward-thinking companies, including Uber, Safeway, Deliveroo, Grubhub, rely on Fountain to power its large-scale employee hiring and contractor vetting operations. 

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Adimo works with some of the biggest FMCG brands to turn their digital marketing into shoppable experiences. Whatever branded content, marketing or media, customers can buy directly through our checkout / add to basket tech. We make digital marketing easy and convenient for brands and for customers.

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