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Online & Digital Grocery Summit 2015 Presentations and Recordings


Understanding the Multi-channel Shopper

Natasha Stevens, Senior Vice President, Digital Market Intelligence, GfK North America






Driving digital engagement with your brand through Social Media 

Matty DeCastro, Head of Industry - CPG, Facebook






Discovering how Amazon is a Brand, Social and Search Platform

Patrick Miller, Co-Founder, Flywheel Digital






Engaging with the Multi-channel Shopper on retailer websites

Sachin Padwal, Senior Director, Multichannel Strategy and InnovationSam's Club






Enhancing brand-retailers relations to increase online sales

Michelle Harmon-Madsen, Senior Vice President, Brand PartnershipsFreshDirect

Linda Crowder, Sr. Director, Peapod Interactive, Peapod






Who’s the Dog Here? Take Back the Leash and Walk Yourself for eCommerce Success

Chris Perry, Head of eCommerceWellPet






Increasing your brand's visibilty in the online grocery store: 

Matthew Ferguson, Senior Vice President, Client Services, Brand View






Discovering the Key Performance Indicators to increase your sales on Amazon

Spencer Millerberg, CEO, One Click Retail






Understanding online Category Management

Supriya Chaudhury, Chief Marketing Officer, Clavis Insight






Enhancing product content to convert more clicks to sales: 

Mark White, President, Content26






Targeted advertising to maintain online customer engagement

Ben Kartzman, CEOSpongecell






The evolution of data driven perzonalization in online grocery

Brian Caddell, Loyalty & Personalization Solutions Lead, Dunnhumby 






Global e-commerce models - winning the first grocery basket in the US

Anne Zybowski, Vice President, Digital & Retail Insights, Kantar Retail

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Peapod - Linda Crowder
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GfK - Natasha Stevens
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Facebook - Matty DeCastro
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Clavis Insight - Supriya Chaudhury
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FreshDirect - Michelle Harmon-Madsen
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Content26 - Mark White
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Dunnhumby - Brian Caddell
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Brand View - Mathew Ferguson
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Sam's Club - Sachin Padwal
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Spongecell - Ben Kartzman
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Wellpet - Chris Perry
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Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Kantar Retail - Anne Zybowski
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